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BBQ grill mat

BBQ grill mat

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Tired of leaving a sticky mess on the grill after barbecuing?

Say goodbye to the hassle with the award-winning UNSTICK Reusable BBQ Grilling Sheet. From succulent salmon to mouthwatering BBQ ribs, grilling has never been easier. Transform your grilling experience with our top-notch BBQ grill mat.

With our premium 100% non-stick coating food simply glides off, making clean-up a breeze, and UNSTICK grilling sheets are PFOA & BPA Free so you can feel safe about cooking on them. Excellent alternative to expensive aluminum foil.

Simply place the UNSTICK Grilling Sheet on your BBQ or smoker and grill, wipe and repeat. It’s that easy… AND… you still get the grill marks!

All Unstick Products are Designed in Canada.

Save money, Reduce waste.

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Features & Benefits

  • Each sheet measures 15” x 19” 
  • For use on all bbq’s, smokers, and electric grills
  • 100% Non-stick surface allows food to simply glide off
  • Non-toxic, PFOA Free & BPA Free
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Reusable & Reversible
  • Keeps your bbq clean
  • Made with premium quality food grade material
  • Perfect for grilling all types of food including meat, fish, seafood, veggies, pizza, fruits and more!
  • Can be cut to size
  • Perfect grill marks every time
  • Doesn’t retain any flavours from previous use

Care And Use

• Wash before initial use. Dry thoroughly before using.

• Preheat BBQ PRIOR to use. Once heated to desired temperature (500 F or less), place grilling sheet directly on grilling rack.

• DO NOT cover entire surface of BBQ - allow at least 2” around perimeter of BBQ for venting.

• Place food on top of grilling sheet and grill as normal. Your grilling sheet can be used with or without marinade. Either way, food simply glides off.

• When cooking foods with high fat content you may experience the pooling of the fat/grease on the sheet. If this occurs, use your tongs and paper towel to mop up the grease from the sheet and avoid flare ups.

• Never leave the grilling sheet unattended on the BBQ.

• Do not place in direct contact with flames or burners

• To increase life of grilling sheet, DO NOT use above 500 F. Doing so will deteriorate the
non-stick coating.

• Do not use sharp objects, or metal utensils.

• When finished cooking & BBQ is turned off, wipe any excess sauce, residue, etc. with paper towel or cloth. Rinse BBQ sheet with warm, soapy water when finished.

• Do not use scouring pads, or abrasive cleaners.

• Dry thoroughly before storing.

• Do not fold or crease.

• Dishwasher safe on top rack

• Store either rolled up or flat.